Victoria Thomas

Rev. Victoria is an Agape Minister, inspirational speaker, teacher, spiritual counselor, writer and a proud parent of a teen. Victoria inspires and empowers through her workshops and classes in communities throughout Southern California. She speaks powerfully on a variety of topics such as self-care, 12-step recovery, the shamanic vocation, conscious parenting, spiritual healing, forgiveness, the art and science of affirmative prayer and science and spirituality.

Victoria has led support groups at the Women’s Metropolitan Detention Center, teaching spiritual principles and practices to the incarcerated and has recently joined the Spirit Awakening Foundation to council at-risk youth.

Prior to entering the path of ministry, she co-facilitated drug awareness classes and taught parenting classes. As a member of the Agape University faculty, she developed and teaches Prayer Warrior, a prerequisite class within the Agape Licensed Spiritual Practitioner Studies program.

For over 10 years, Victoria has been the director and co-director of Agape’s Wholeness and Visitation Team, a sub-ministry under the umbrella of One From the Heart, Agape’s pastoral care ministry.  The Wholeness and Visitation Team ministry leads a support group each month to teach Truth Principles and Affirmative Prayer Technology. This ministry also serves individuals facing illness as well as those who are shut-in through prayer support and hospital and in-home visits among other services.

Victoria is currently writing her new book, Prayer Warrior: Heal Your Self and the World through the Renewing of Your Mind.