It is an honor and privilege to be on this journey with you to greater Love, Vitality, Healing and Prosperity, as together we continue to say yes to living our Divine Purpose!

Resist any thoughts of giving up, you are so close to fulfilling your decision to empower yourself to live in your highest potential.  You have the power to choose to continue to stay available to these powerful practices and embrace the gift of who YOU.

If you haven’t already, remember to join the Facebook group we have put together to support you and empower your progress.  Share your questions, your wins and anything else you like here as we build a powerful community of like minded individuals.

Feel free to share this experience with your friends, family and loved ones throughout this holiday season. When you travel this journey with someone close to you it becomes that much more powerful.

The 31 Ways in 31 Days Challenge is a gift that truly keeps on giving and giving and giving!

With love and gratitude,

Rev. Michael

PS: I look forward to hearing from all of you!